Yamaha HC-4W organ


Yamaha HC4W organ

This organ was produced in two versions

The HC4 and the luxury HC4W version

Perfect small organ with lots of variety. 

Lots of good organ presets and a great sampled piano sound.




Upper keyboard 44 keys
Lower keyboard 44 keys


Touch response

initial touch upper /lower

Voice Sections

Upper orchestral Strings, Brass 1, Brass 2, Wood, Combi, Volume
Lead Flute, Oboe, Trumpet, Trombone Volume
Lower orchestral Strings, Brass 1, Brass 2, Piano, Combi 1, Combi 2 Volume
Bass voices Contrabass 1, Contrabass 2, Electric bass, Tuba Volume
Voice Menu

Jazz organ, Pipe organ, Accordion, Elec Piano, Harpsichord, Jazz Guitar, Steel Guitar, Vibes,

Clarinet, Sax, Pan Flute, Synth Lead, User voice 1 2 3 4


Rhythm patterns March, Waltz, Swing, Samba, Latin, Bounce, Disco, Country, Tango, Ballad, Bossa, Slow Rock, 8 Beat, 16 Beat, Salsa


Width Depth Height 106cm 39cm 85cm
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