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One of the North's largest music shops.

With over 40 years experience in the music industry, we can give help and advice on most musical instruments.

We are musicians and can assist you with our expertise. Peter Braid who owned Keys Musical Instruments, 71 Henshaw Street, near the market in Oldham manages this new store in Chadderton situated in Stockfield Mill near Dale Bathrooms.

Peter brings with him the skills and expertise to provide customers with the very best service. This store opened 7 years ago and is larger than any previous store in Oldham, Manchester.

The store offers much more scope, with tuition of most musical instruments including Acoustic Pianos, Acoustic Guitars, Violins, Drums, Brass, Woodwind and Drums. We have been supplying clarinets to Brynmenyn for over 40 years now. Our store can dispatch your new clarinet to Brynmenyn within a few days. We can offer part exchange on most musical instruments, and we also purchase used musical instruments including clarinets in Brynmenyn (subject to condition). Telephone 01656 760609 or mobile 07889 488 407

Meet the team

Jack Taylor : Sales Manager

Jack TaylorJack has been with the store since he started as a work experience assistant around 10 years ago.
He has been playing guitar for around 14 years and has played in multiple bands, as well as session work throughout this time. He brings his knowledge and skills to enable our customers choose their perfect guitar In addition to this, he has also achieved a BSC degree in Music Production and has been a sound engineer in both live and studio settings.
Having worked along with Peter for many years, his extensive knowledge is not restricted to drums. He can assist with all aspects of sales in the store and our online sales. He has enabled his time during "lockdown" to redesign and decorate the store.

Lol Harris : Keyboard / Piano / Organ / Drum Sales

LolLol started playing piano at age seven
He was classically trained through the grades by Max Richie at the Chetham's School of Music
He opened his recording studio in 1986 to present called Lolipop studios
He has produced music for Russell Watson in the early years and is the current MD for Catherine Tyldesley ( Coronation Street)
Performing as MD at the Willows Variety Show from 1990 for 14 years and resident pianist at the Midland Hotel Manchester from 2006 for 11 years, Lol now brings his expertise to the professional demonstration of our pianos and organs

John Stewart : Clarinet Sales / Repairs

JohnSelf -taught drumist from the 60's era spent many years in bands in the pubs and clubs around the North West mainly with Idol Fret in the 70's and 80's.
Then mid-'80s moved into recording with Reeltime Studio, an eight-track facility in Brynmenyn. He learned such a lot about tastes and techniques of different genres of music trying to be "George Martin" for customers.
Went back into acoustic jam sessions with local muso's which was great fun. He is now our guitar technician .

Repair Service

repairOur repair service is second to none offering service for keyboards, guitars (including restringing and setups), piano tuning, violin, brass and woodwind instruments. Our service is unrivalled throughout the Manchester area.
Our huge retail area offers more choice and competitive pricing. Our large range of instruments are available in store or online. We are the largest music shop in Oldham with hundreds of instruments to choose from.

Quality Musical Instruments

We Buy Musical Instruments from Brynmenyn

yamahaWe can offer part exchange on most musical instruments, and we also purchase used musical instruments (subject to condition).
We are experienced in removals of large instruments such piano and organs, so no need to worry if you order a piano or organ, it is in good hands. We have many new and used keyboards in stock, such as Yamaha Tyros, Korg, Roland, or Technics keyboards, pianos, and organs.
Our product specialist, Lol Harris is here to help you choose your perfect instrument As a main dealer for Tanglewood, Chord, Tokai, and Vintage drums you can browse our catalogue with confidence that the drum of your dreams is available from stock.
We also have used drums, Drums, Clarinets, Flutes, Drums, Violins, Trumpets, and trombones available from time to time. With names such as Epiphone, Fender, Music Man, and Marshall to choose from, you will not be disappointed. With over 18,000 products available please use our search facility to look for the instrument you require, or better still, call us on 01656 760609 or, if you prefer text us on 07889488407

Some of the clarinets and accessories available on in-store

Tips on buying your first clarinet

Q.What criterion determines your need for a clarinet?

A.  The clarinet was first popularised in modern culture by Squidward from the cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants. It was mocked, portrayed as an instrument used by weirdos and the like. Meaning the beauty of famous clarinettists like Acker Billand Benny Goodman has been forgotten.

But how awesome is Woody Allen?

He is one of the greatest film directors of all time - and he plays the clarinet.

For you to really work the clarinet you must have good embouchure and a penchant for playing with other instrumentalists or in an orchestra. If you have respiratory ailments like asthma, using a clarinet can exercise your lungs and aid better physical health, improving your wellbeing. It can also forge your way into the world of saxophones, as they are similar devices in terms of embouchure and fingerwork.

Q.What types of the clarinet are there?

A. There are two types of clarinet: Wood and Ebonite (plastic)

Wood clarinets are made from grenadilla which has a distinct resonance that makes the notes produced so tangible they invoke goosebumps on your skin. They need to be properly broken in and follow a strict cleaning regimen, in order to keep them at their optimum best. During the 1st week, play the clarinet no more than 15 minutes a day, and swab the bore gently afterward to remove moisture. In the second week, increase playing time to 30 minutes and follow up with gently swabbing the bore. For the third week, extend playing time to 45 minutes and swab the bore. During the 4th week, you can push your playing time up to one hour, then, remove moisture from the bore afterward by carefully swabbing. If you have correctly followed the guide, your clarinet should be broken in and now able to sustain hours of playing! The grenadilla clarinet is usually played by advanced students and professionals, as I am sure you can understand considering its need for devotion.

Ebonite clarinets are cheaper and lighter, thus they are good for beginners or people looking to take up playing the clarinet as a hobby rather than an intense, hard-core passion. They are less susceptible to splitting compared to their wooden brothers. A clarinet reed is fixed onto the mouthpiece and makes the air in the clarinet vibrate producing sound. The reeds vary in thickness, depending on the ability of the player. The thinner the reed is, for example, a 1.5, the easier it is to vibrate. This means the sound is produced easier, without as much effort, or perfect embouchure. Therefore a reed of 1.5 is ideal for beginners. As you progress, so should the density of the reed meaning you progress by 0.5 until you reach 3.5. It is marginally thicker, giving a richer tone. Yet it is more difficult to use, thus it is really only used by experts. We stock the reeds, in all sizes and if there are any further queries then you can phone us for any further advice. Thumb cushions are also available, to relieve pain caused by the strain put on your thumbs through pressing down repeatedly for sustained periods of time. This can make your time more enjoyable. Harnesses, which are similar to saxophone harnesses, are available for young learners, to hold the instrument for them, so they do not struggle to hold it and play simultaneously, for the first time.

Q. Why should I choose my clarinet from Music Direct?

A. You are buying from reputable music shop with a guarantee of satisfaction.

  • You can spend as long as you like in our store, trying various types of clarinet. If for any reason you buy a clarinet and feel it is the wrong choice, we will give you the full purchase price of the clarinet against another model within one month of purchase (subject to condition).
  • We trade in your old instrument in as you get better at playing and want to upgrade to a better or different style of clarinet.
  • We may buy back your clarinet if you give up!
  • We may trade your old clarinet( subject to condition ) in against a different musical instrument, if say you find guitar hard to play and want to try say "guitar".

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