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One of the UK's largest music shops selling banjos to Accrington.

Peter Braid | Music Shop AccringtonPeter Braid who owned Keys Musical Instruments, 71 Henshaw Street, near the market in Oldham manages this new store in Chadderton situated in Stockfield Mill near Dale Bathhrooms. He brings with him the skills and expertise to provide customers with the very best service.

Peter has been supplying banjos to Accrington for over thirty years now. With our online store based in Chadderton, Oldham we can dispatch your banjo within a few days.

Our repair service for banjos is second to none, as is our repair service for keyboards, guitars (including restringing and setups), piano tuning, violin, brass and woodwind instruments.

Our huge retail area offers more choice and competitive pricing. Our huge range of instruments are available in store or online. We are the largest music shop in Oldham with hundreds of instruments to choose from.

We can offer part exchange on most musical instruments, and we also purchase used musical instruments including banjos (subject to condition).

We also have used guitars, saxophones, clarinets, flutes, drums, violins, trumpets and trombones available from stock (check our website for availability).

With names such as Tanglewood, Boston, Countryman, Samick and Ozark to choose from, you will not be disappointed.

Tips for buying a Banjo.

Q.What are the differences between the various styles of Banjo?

A. Choosing your first banjo is like choosing something from an ice cream van. You get stuck in your ways and choose the classic '99, a 5-string banjo, when there are long-forgotten screwballs (Parlour banjo) and the tantalising Feast (the long-neck banjo) but you need the low down. You may be allergic to nuts. So, us being the lovely people we are, have laid down the banjo 411:

  • The Long Neck Banjo : The "don" of the banjos - the real OG. It has 25 frets, and considering it was created by a folk singer, you are in safe hands, no pun intended. You can use the same chords that you use on a 22-fret, 5 string banjo. If you tune it to E you create a lovely "low" sounds, for some more atmospheric banjo sounds. Its further allure is that it can be played in a variety of styles, such as claw hammer, bluegrass and strumming. It is a banjo with no limits - it can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • The Parlor Banjo: It is smaller and lighter, sort of a pixie, it has 19 frets and weighs 4 to 5 pounds; it also has 5 strings, making it excellent for smaller framed individuals or children embarking on their journey into the world of the banjo.
  • The 5-string Banjo: This is just a timeless classic. It's highly versatile, whether it is open back or resonator, it can be used to play in the style of jazz, folk, bluegrass, country and gospel. It can come with a variety of tonal wood, tone ring, banjo heads, scale lengths and pick-ups that are installed. Using a 5th string capo device and a capo, you can tweak your tuning on your banjo to compliment the song. It is multilingual, shall we say.
  • 12-string Banjo: It can be played just like a guitar, and the effect is quite delicate, lacey and striking. It is in a class of its own and the melodies produce haunting reverberations.
  • 4-string Banjo: The 4-string banjo falls into three subsections; The 19 fret which is used by the band the Dropkick Murphy's; The 7 fret which is commonly called the "Irish Tenor" and the Plectrum Banjos which is a 22-fret four string banjo that can be "Chicago tuned" to D, G, B, and E. The 4-string banjo is popular among those wishing to cultivate an Irish/Traditional Jazz vibe.

Q.What are the differences between the various styles of Banjo?

A. The beautiful, brilliant banjo. And I am not just saying that to squeeze in some alliteration, it is genuinely an excellent instrument. The banjo is infamous. It has a rep for being played by Cletus-esque individuals, chewing tobacco in straw hats. But this is all nonsense. You would be surprised by how much banjo is used in music; blues, gospel, jazz, folk, bluegrass... and country, of course. It's currently experiencing a revival, with modern bands like Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers starting to bash the banjo - and we all love screaming 'Lion Man' at the top of our lungs. The banjo is an entertaining piece, it is usually played at a fast tempo with lots of foot stomping and hand clapping accompaniments making it a vibrant, exciting instrument the entire family can gather round and enjoy.

Q. Why should I choose my banjo from Music Direct?

A. You are buying from reputable music shop with a guarantee of satisfaction.

  • You buy with confidence that we have an excellent engineer who can keep your banjo in first class shape.
  • We trade in your old instrument in as you get better at playing and want to upgrade to a better banjo.
  • We may buy back your banjo if you give up!
  • We may trade your old banjo(subject to age) in against a different musical instrument. For example, if the banjo is too difficult and you want to learn ukulele.
  • As one of the UK's largest suppliers of new and used music instruments you can buy your banjo with confidence from Music Direct. Our delivery service covers the whole of the UK so your delivery to Accrington is considered local to us.

    Recommended places to visit around Accrington

    If you are looking for professional tuition, we highly recommend Blackburn School of Music

    They specialise in tuition for piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, saxophone, flute, drums and singing.

    Blackburn Symphony Orchestra

    Blackburn and Darwen Band

    Venues for music locally are
    King George's Hall, The Live Lounge, The Sir Charles Napier, Molloys, Barzooka, The Jubilee, Liquid & Envy, Poplar Social Club, The Red Lion, North Bar

    Private teachers in the area

    • Peter Latham: Electric/Acoustic Guitar
    • Jennie Marsden: Vocals, Piano, Recorder
    • Rachel Cotton: Voice, Singing, Flute
    • Mark Warburton: Drum Kit Tuition
    • Melanie Storey: Vocals, Piano, Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Music Technology
    • Linda Bell: Piano
    • Anna Cooper: Oboe, Cor Anglais
    • Robert Lewis: Trumpet, Cornet, Brass, Piano, Music Theory
    • Melanie McDonagh: Vocal Tuition
    • Lyndsay Walsh: Piano Cornet Trumpet
    • Vitoria Fletcher: Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute
    • Mark Bibby: Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Music Theory
    • Brian Heaton: Classical Piano
    • David Lewis: Orchestral Percussion, Tuned Percussion
    • Gary Taylor: Piano, Keyboards, Acoustic/Electric/Bass Guitar
    • Ben Gonzalez: Drum Kit
    • Mark Bateson: Guitar, Bass Tuition
    • Elizabeth Partington: Piano, Music Theory
    • Nadya Wilde: Vocals, Piano Tuition
    • Melanie Sellers-McDonagh: Vocal Tuition
    • Stephen Dockerill: Piano, Keyboards
    • Jonathan Clouston: Drums, Guitar, Piano, Music Theory
    • Margo Campbell: Singing Tuition
    • Goran Orescanin: Guitar Tuition
    • Malcolm Cockerill: Trumpet, Cornet, Horn, Euphonium, Baritone

What Clients Say
"Having been introduced to Peter as a absolute novice, he has guided me in the choice of a suitable keyboard as I progressed.I now use a Yamaha S950, part exchanged via ..."
Joan, 5/30/2017
"Very happy with the service and advice given. I will definitely be visiting them again"
Henry, 5/22/2017
"Love this shop. Loads of choice. Great prices, and friendly staff."
Jack, 5/15/2017
"Great selection to try before you buy.Helpful staff with time to help you choose what you want! Here you can browse as long as you need while trying various instruments. So ..."
Graham Lowe, 4/20/2017
"Fantastic and friendly serviceWent to buy a guitar for my son. The owner took his time to help me choose the right instrument. Fantastic service with no pressure to buy. "
Mr Paul Ducklin, 3/11/2017
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